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Help us grow our brand while earning money at the same time. Applying is easy, just click the button below to get started. We’ll ask for some basic information about yourself and your business. Please allow 3-7 days for us to review your application. Once you’re approved, you’ll get to spread the word about our hi-Quality CBD products, share your unique referral code, and start making money!


This is your chance to promote your favourite Mirthemp products on your business website, social channels, or anywhere else you may have an audience! Once you become an approved Mirthemp Affiliate, you’ll receive a custom referral link and 25% discount code to share with your following. They’ll get exclusive savings, and you’ll make up to 15% commission on all orders that are placed with your code.

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Mirthemp is dedicated to having a positive impact on our community through education and exploration of CBD oil applications.

By choosing Mirthemp  CBD as your health enhancer, you are tapping into benefits that can immediately improve your health and relieve common recurring struggles including chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

We aim to expand the acceptance of high-quality hemp oil as a health remedy, and we can’t wait to see how your creativity and personal experience can help us spread that message and reach new audiences.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about Mirthemp:

·  We make high-end CBD products sourced in the U.S. under the 2018 Farm Act

·  Our products are legal in all 50 states

·  All of our CBD products include terpenes and are lab tested

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at Thank you for making Mirth a part of your daily health routine.

Looking forward to following your journey!

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