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CBD Gummy Bears, 10mg CBD each, 300mg Total

Most of us loved eating sweets and gummies when we were kids but did you know that Mirthemp Gummies have medicinal benefits? Our gummies will provide all the benefits of hemp oil and satisfy your sweet tooth all at once. If you are on the move and looking for an effortless way to introduce essential ingredients into your diet, Mirthemp Hemp Oil Gummy Bears are the perfect option.

• Hemp oil-infused
• 30 gummies per bag
• THC-free
• non-GMO
• Gluten-Free

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What are the benefits of CBD Gummies?

Each gummy has a clear amount of CBD and is in completely portable serving sizes. The sweet flavors are not only delicious but take your health into account – giving you the best ingredients every time.

Does the body absorb Gummies differently than CBD Oil?

Gummies go through digestion first versus absorption like a CBD oil. Gummies may take about 30 minutes to see results but have a longevity potential due to the digestion phase.

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