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These Investors Are Looking for Women-Led Cannabis Companies

These Investors Are Looking for Women-Led Cannabis Companies

Unfortunately, women and people of color historically don’t have equal access to large sums of money.

Investment capital isn’t spread equally. That’s where Treehouse Global finds its financial advantage.

That makes it difficult to build and scale up a business. This is especially true in the cannabis industry, where most banks and traditional lenders still refuse to work with companies that remain technically in violation of federal law.
The existence of this pronounced funding gap has also inspired a team of experienced investors to create Treehouse Global Ventures. Treehouse is a women-led private equity firm focused on investing in cannabis companies founded by women and minorities.
For the firm’s founders, it’s a way to give these traditionally disadvantaged groups a fair shot at success in a still emerging industry—and a way to find smart investments. Among their early investments are LucidMood, the women-and-wellness focused cannabis products company; Kind seed-to-sale software; and Stem Holdings, a cannabis-focused retail property company.

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