You just bought your first hemp oil extract product, and you don’t know when to use it? We are here to help you. Generally, there is no perfect time of the day to take hemp oil extract. Yet, there are several factors that may help you to determine when and how often to take a serving of the compound.

Keep in mind, that as you begin taking hemp oil extract, you may start noticing certain effects. Many people have mentioned that hemp oil extract gives awakening effects. On the other hand, some people reported feeling relaxed after taking hemp oil extract.

Feeling Energized?

If hemp oil extract gives you energy, we think that taking the compound in the morning would be the best. You can also take it during lunch or in the early afternoon when we usually start feeling the lack of energy to help you remain productive.

Feeling Sleepy or Relaxed?

If hemp oil extract is making you feel sleepy or calm then we would highly recommend you take a dose at night before bed or when you are ready to take a break.

How often to take hemp oil extract?

How often you should take hemp oil extract depends on your health needs and how deficient you are of endocannabinoids. To receive the best benefits, most found that its the best to take hemp oil extract at least once a day. Boosting the endocannabinoid system with hemp oil extract every single day may increase the beneficial impact of the compound. Remember, the effects of hemp oil extract remain for about 4-12 hours. The method of consumption (Vape Pens, Tinctures, Topical Rubs, Balms, Edibles, and Pills), body fat percentage, total body size, and the mg of hemp extract – are the variables you need to take into the account when taking hemp oil extract. For that reason, some people prefer to take hemp oil extract 2-3 times a day.

We hope this simple guide will help you to determine when and how often to take your hemp oil extract.